Pursuit of knowledge

There are a few things that keep you young and healthy. The obvious ones are exercise and diet. The not so obvious one is the pursuit of knowledge. I enjoy figuring things out. To solve problems of increasing complexity you need to learn new options. If you are repeating a process, you should consider howRead More

I need to write – this one is for me.

I need to write. I haven’t written consistently (ever) and that may never change. However, when I have such an epiphany, an awakening, I feel the need to share to everyone who wants to listen. What is important to realize, it is this is about me, this may not apply to you and may notRead More

Turn around!

We get in certain areas when we are building software. We have that moment when we realize we are doing it wrong. It was our decision and everyone is watching. What do you do? The right thing is to acknowledge your new knowledge and then make a decision. Either realize that it will cost tooRead More

New Year – New Goals

I love the new year. We all feel like a chance to start a new resolution, a new goal, a new life. What makes January 1 so special though? We can reset at any time through the year. It is a man-made concept that makes us feel we can start over. One of my consistentRead More

How to be a leader without the title

I thought that working at multiple companies would be a negative in my career, but I now realize that it provided me a unique perspective of how different companies work. I learned how start-ups work and how large corporations work. I learned how recruiting happens when there is only one employee or over a thousand.Read More

Azure Services – The Whole List

The Code Monkey

Here is a full-list of all services on Azure as of today. * = In Preview currently. *Access Reviews Activity Log Advisor Alerts All Resources Analysis Services API Connections API Management services App registrations App Service Certificates App Service Domains App Service Environments App Service plans App Services AppDynamics Application gateways Application insights Aspera ServerRead More

Actual needed skills on a job posting.

Here is an actual list of needed skills for a position: Skills needed: JavaScript, HTML5, CSS3, Frontend, React, Full Stack, Engineer, Developer, Node, Java, Python, Scala, Angular, Ember, API, AWS, Software, Lead, Tech Lead, Engineering Manager, Docker, Kafka, Vue, Go Their front-end code base contains: React, Angular, Ember and Vue? Their back-end code base contains:Read More

Keeping up with Technology

CodeMonkey Featured

Keeping up with technology in today’s industry is a near impossibility. The reason is technology is infiltrating every industry in the world. We all talk about keeping up with frameworks, new releases, and even new technology. I believe there are some that are keeping up with areas of technology, but show me one person whoRead More

Conversational UI – Why it will never be mainstream.

Conversational UI has security problems, ambient noise issues, and speaker isolation challenges that may never be resolved and we may have a better UI in the future based on context rather than direct commands. Context matters!

The Developer Marketing Game

Developers are often marketed to without their knowledge and end up being manipulated to being an evangelist for a technology that they may not even need.