Conversational UI – Why it will never be mainstream.

Conversational UI has security problems, ambient noise issues, and speaker isolation challenges that may never be resolved and we may have a better UI in the future based on context rather than direct commands. Context matters!

The Developer Marketing Game

Developers are often marketed to without their knowledge and end up being manipulated to being an evangelist for a technology that they may not even need.

The Angry Developer – Corporate Etiquette

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I have wanted to post a rant, but worried about how it would be received, how it would affect my career growth, and how it will be taken out of context… With all of that said, it’s time.
It will be simple corporate etiquette that I am guessing is never taught or is not as intuitive as I thought

Corporate culture changes

Making corporate culture changes is not easy. Here are a few steps to make it a little easier and a little guidance on how I have done this in the past.

Why open-office layouts don’t work

Open-offices create a sense of distrust, horrible for conversational ui development, and prevents people from “owning” their area which improves morale… I have provided some simple suggestions that may help.

Agile should die

Agile needs to die and common sense needs to be added as a hiring requirement for all positions. I list out some Do’s and Don’ts that you can implement TODAY to improve your current Agile-facade.

Software Development over 40

Where did all the developers over 40 go? How do I improve my career if I don’t like management? How do I break into management? I begin to answer these questions from my own experience and I hope this helps you reach your next level.

Solving the problem

Solving “the” problem is never easy, mainly because no one knows what the problem is. I think there are several problems that are happening in Corporate America right now, and several that are happening across the nation also. Now, let’s start with the easily identified problem, lack of financial awareness.  There are companies that spendRead More

Retention vs Recruiting – In Tech

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Retaining good talent seems to be less of a concern than recruiting. I know of recruiting firms that are going to be upset by this post, but let’s review a recent post on BusinessInsider about time at a tech company (article here). All but FaceBook are under 2 years and that is barely over 2Read More