The Corporate Hustle

The Developer Game is hard, but the Corporate Game is something you are rarely taught. Let’s talk about how to win at the corporate hustle.

The Side Hustle Game

The side hustle game is something that I’ve never heard about even though I’ve been doing it for years. I am a full-time software developer of sorts. In addition to that, I have taught classes at night and weekends. I have created small side projects. I blog, mentor, and consult when I can. I haveRead More

Some ideas

I love to write, most people know that. I don’t really do video blogs or podcasts, but reading is a forgotten skill. Now I need to think of why I write.  I don’t write for money but I’d like that. I don’t write for influence or to get new followers. I write because I likeRead More

Meeting Rules – Why are we working so hard?

The more I think about the companies I have worked at and the primary problems that I have encountered are not the coding challenges, are not the project features, but the process of delivering anything. I have attended meetings to plan for the next meeting that will prep us to talk to client during theRead More

Continuous Integration and Deployment – But WHY?

I know that title probably got you here to start your rants on why it is amazing and best practices and… I get it. I know. Trust me, I am a HUGE fan of automation. If I have to do something more than two times, I want to spend more time to automate it. Let’sRead More

Angular 4 is out… but is it too late?

Angular Logo

Angular 4 came out yesterday and not too many people flinched, or even noticed. So many people got burned when AngularJs 1.x was completely broken if you went to Angular 2. I recently read an article about the naming of Angular and it was almost comical. I’ll summarize: For Angular 1.x, you should call thatRead More

The World of DevOps

The world of DevOps is often misunderstood, under appreciated, and the most needed skillset in the tech world today. Everyone is talking about how everyone should code, but if you read my previous posts, I don’t agree with that. Everyone should learn logic and problem-solving skills, but not everyone should code. However, I digress. 🙂Read More

The love of a dog

For those who don’t know, we had to let Charlie go this week.  His pancreas was failing, his abdomen was filling with fluid, and after a night in ICU, he was not getting better.  If you have followed our journey with Charlie, we got him shortly after we got married.  It started with a flightRead More

JavaScript fatigue is real

JavaScript frameworks seem to come out every 12 minutes. The first debate they go through is “It is a library not a framework”. The next debate they go through is, “It is not a robust as (Angular, React, Ember…)”. The final hurdle they have to go through is GitHub stars and adoption. All of that beingRead More

Xamarin, ASPNET Core, Mac, and PC

I have the incredible opportunity to develop mobile applications in C# using Xamarin. Now let me start by identifying my bias, I’m a Microsoft fan boy. I love C# and huge fan of ASP.Net. Ok, for those that are still reading after that disclaimer, let me start with talking about Xamarin. Xamarin on PC Developing XamarinRead More