JavaScript fatigue is real

JavaScript frameworks seem to come out every 12 minutes. The first debate they go through is “It is a library not a framework”. The next debate they go through is, “It is not a robust as (Angular, React, Ember…)”. The final hurdle they have to go through is GitHub stars and adoption. All of that beingRead More

Xamarin, ASPNET Core, Mac, and PC

I have the incredible opportunity to develop mobile applications in C# using Xamarin. Now let me start by identifying my bias, I’m a Microsoft fan boy. I love C# and huge fan of ASP.Net. Ok, for those that are still reading after that disclaimer, let me start with talking about Xamarin. Xamarin on PC Developing XamarinRead More

City Living so far…

We have not been here a week yet, we had temporary housing for 3 days and have only been in our place for 2 days. In those 5 days, I have learned a lot about city living, specifically, Brooklyn/NYC living. I could go on about the energy of the city, and the architecture, and theRead More

Moving to Brooklyn!

So I should title this “MOVED” to Brooklyn.  There has been a lot that has happened and I’ll update you on what is going on.   We sold our cars, our house, and rented an suv to drive to Brooklyn with two dogs.  However, the suv was too small for all of our stuff soRead More

Our next adventure

The Code Monkey

Some of you may not know, but we are moving to Brooklyn!  I got a new job and want to experience life in the big city.  I have spent the past four years in Georgia and have learned a lot about myself and what drives me.  I think the most important thing for me isRead More

Creating something that lasts

We all want to create something that lasts, but technology is changing so fast, it is difficult to know what is. I have figured it out though, what lasts… create strong relationships… focus on people… listen more than you speak… and it is those relationships that will be more memorable than any technology or product you build.

JavaScript Coding Teaching challenge

I have started a new twitter challenge, #30DaysToCode. With that, I’m going to tweet (in 140 characters or less) a JavaScript tip each day that builds on the fundamentals of JavaScript. Follow me on twitter @lotekmedia to write JavaScript as we go.

Coding Dojo – Code Practice

Practice, practice, practice. There are so many times I heard that growing up, and it always stuck in certain things. When I danced, I would rehearse, go to class and practice, learn, and practice what I learned. In jujitsu, I would go 3 times (or more) a week and practice the same moves over andRead More