Moving to Brooklyn!

So I should title this “MOVED” to Brooklyn.  There has been a lot that has happened and I’ll update you on what is going on.   We sold our cars, our house, and rented an suv to drive to Brooklyn with two dogs.  However, the suv was too small for all of our stuff soRead More

Our next adventure

The Code Monkey

Some of you may not know, but we are moving to Brooklyn!  I got a new job and want to experience life in the big city.  I have spent the past four years in Georgia and have learned a lot about myself and what drives me.  I think the most important thing for me isRead More

Creating something that lasts

We all want to create something that lasts, but technology is changing so fast, it is difficult to know what is. I have figured it out though, what lasts… create strong relationships… focus on people… listen more than you speak… and it is those relationships that will be more memorable than any technology or product you build.

JavaScript Coding Teaching challenge

I have started a new twitter challenge, #30DaysToCode. With that, I’m going to tweet (in 140 characters or less) a JavaScript tip each day that builds on the fundamentals of JavaScript. Follow me on twitter @lotekmedia to write JavaScript as we go.

Coding Dojo – Code Practice

Practice, practice, practice. There are so many times I heard that growing up, and it always stuck in certain things. When I danced, I would rehearse, go to class and practice, learn, and practice what I learned. In jujitsu, I would go 3 times (or more) a week and practice the same moves over andRead More

Be Aware – a startup series (part 6/6)

Being aware is much more than attention to detail and I believe is the most critical part in this series. By being aware, there is so much more you can contribute, so much more you can process, and you will arrive at a better solution, better team, and better experience by being aware. What doRead More

Deliver Early – a startup series (part 5/6)

To deliver early, there are a few key (not secret) ingredients. They may seem like common sense, but I have heard time and time again that people don’t do this… so here goes: Make Delivering a Feature of your MVP If you don’t ship it, then you haven’t finished your MVP. For those who don’tRead More

Listen First – a startup series (part 4/6)

It is critical to listen first before taking any action. Listening is slowly becoming a dying art in today’s world. We are quick to jump to solutions, to attempt to finish sentences, and to solve problems that don’t exist because we don’t listen. The key to listening for a start-up is to know WHO toRead More

Be Polite – a startup series (part 3/6)

Most of us are aware of what polite is, at least in our minds. However, you need to realize that what you consider polite and what other’s consider polite may vary GREATLY. Being a developer, I am a very linear individual, zeros and ones, black and white. Over the years, I have realized that sometimesRead More

Be Punctual – a startup series (part 2/6)


Being punctual is key to many things in life. I have interviewed and been interviewed hundreds of times (ok, it just seems like that but it is probably close to around a hundred). I am going to tell a few of stories of punctuality (or lack thereof). First Example: I get everything ready, conference roomRead More