John Mann

    John Mann

    A Beautiful Wednesday.

    The weather was not so nice today, but hung some curtains and started organizing my office... and wow, switching to an iMac from a PC has reduced SO much clutter.  No keyboard wire, no mouse wire, no monitor wire, no 14 usb connections, etc...

    Wireless keyboard, wireless mouse, one power cord and one USB connection to my printer.  That's it.  So much reduced.

    We are slowly reducing our "stuff" and getting less and less of what we think we need and what we actually use.  It's interesting I have moved so much stuff out to my garage (and a few trips to the dump).  I had so many things for "just in case", if I ever need to...  I have the tool, the device, the system, the space, etc... but how often do those "just in case" scenarios occur?  I mean really, if people knew their neighbors more often, we could all share our lawn equipment, I don't need to mow my grass at the exact same time they are, why not share the lawnmower, the table saw, the leaf blower, etc...  Why should each person have 10 pieces of equipment that they use once a week at most?  Set up a schedule and share.  Just a thought of reducing things.  Just another observation I guess, plus it would build community a bit more and help people take care of equipment and share, and maybe invite their neighbors over for dinner...

    Well, that's it for now, time for dinner...

    thanks for stopping by.