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    John Mann

    Managing Projects...

    There are different styles on how to manage a project... then there are so many buzz words - product owner, project manager, product manager, program manager, etc... then there is waterfall method, agile methodology, lean development, extreme programming, etc... It's all just random overhead that helps people try to organize things. Waterfall requires up front and is not considering change easily. Agile thrives off of change. But the truth is, we need something ever more "agile" than that. A group of people get together and draw a screenshot of what is wanted. Select areas and break them down to controls, and dev each control separately. Put the page together, and tada. You have a fast turnaround with functionality. It's simple and efficient. Pictures are worth a thousand words, then 2 pics should equal a solid spec. I'm calling it Swift Development (tm). It helps designers do what they do, testers do what they do, and developers do what they do and all work together. Why don't we do that? Because project, product, program managers need to have jobs to communicate to all people involved. I agree that projects do need to have a point of contact to handle release schedules, hardware requirements, etc... its the details that a lot of us overlook and don't care about, but are necessary. Anyway, that is the beginning of my new development management ideas. Why do we have so much overhead to produce something? Some of it is necessary... and sometimes I tend to over simplify things, but I think simple is ALWAYS better than over-engineered and complex. People often create complex ideas because it makes them feel like they can create something that is "brilliant". But what about maintaining it, extending its functionality, and explaining it to the new guy? Those are key features to consider in developing any new code... enough for now...

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